When 4 becomes 5…

It’s been a while since there has been utter chaos in the house, and I have to admit at times it can be completely overwhelming, but honestly, it is so worth it.

If you are not aware of the logistics of my blended family, then that’s ok. I keep forgetting everyones names too! Doh!

Who are we?

So at the top of the table, we have Allen. The breadwinner, best friend, supporter and best daddy / partner I could ask for.

Next, we have Max, my firstborn, my eldest son, happy, very tall and always asking questions about life day to day…and obsessed with Lego!

Then we have my Mason, (or Mace) and he is my squidgy, dinosaur mad middle son, of which he didn’t have a first word… it was more of a roar! He carries a dinosaur of some description wherever he goes.

Then at last and most recently, we have Marcus. Born in August 16′, he is certainly no shy guy, you really do have your hands full with him! Little bit of a rough start in life, but finally trebling in weight by the day, and almost showing early signs of crawling. My goodness!

So that leaves me. My name is Claire, and I am a proud mummy. Life hasn’t been that easy this past few years, but I think finally I am happy to say that I am looking forward to the next challenges that lay ahead. Even if that does mean turning the dreaded 30 in September.

So why write a blog?

To the people who know me well, I am a very chatty individual. I am generally 9 times out of 10, a smiley, happy soul.

I am very creative, be it with cooking, baking, decorating (mind you, I leave the hard painting and building to Allen, but I know what looks good where etc..), I am always looking at new trends whether it be with fashion, high street or otherwise, and beauty. Beauty and all things pretty is my forte and don’t forget the glitter!!

So until next time lovelies

C xx mummy3sons









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