When your thinking of ways to transform your living room into a 3rd bedroom, at an in-godly like hour in the night…

As currently neither the older boys can really cough, breathe or fart without the baby waking and crying.

So last night we made it till crappy old 1am and Marcus is onto his second feed of the night and now will be back in his tiny poxy Moses basket at the foot of our bed. So we cannot even cough, breathe or even fart!- just to specify, I don’t ever do the latter, I’m a lady…

There must be a way for 3 boys to sleep in unity surely. No?

So whilst Daddy sleeps beside me, and Marcus is smiling, as he is milk drunk on me, I’m looking bemused and damn hungry.

Life of a Mummy eh?

Until next time…mummy3sons xx


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